Our mission

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The aim of the Hotel is to provide a stay where the guest feels at home, with every comfort.

It was the first hotel in Rio de Janeiro to have cable internet in all its apartments, well before the invention of WiFI. So it was the favorite of foreigners. Brazilians didn't have a laptop yet. We were also the first hotel to provide a computer room at no cost to its customers. We are also the only hotel in Rio de Janeiro to offer all its guests a free library with hundreds of books of various literary genres.
The hotel is small with only 38 apartments. All equipped with telephone extension, cable TV with large network of channels, refrigerator, hot shower and air conditioning. Hygiene is a daily concern. With all these amenities, we seek the lowest daily rate. From what we offer we have no way to lower our price anymore. To our customers every comfort possible at the lowest cost.

The property is the result of great effort since 2002 by its owners Valterson and Mercedes Botelho, pictured below, and still run by the family.